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Oil Disaster
By: Felicia Petterway

It all went terribly wrong when the Transocean Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded and burst into flames. With 126 workers, only 11 workers were able to escape. The leaks were spilling over 5,000 barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico daily! When the riser (the pipe that pumps oil to the rig) detached from the rig, it broke in 3 places which caused 3 leaks that continued to spill oil into the ocean. Actions that have been taken to stop oil from spewing into the ocean include robotic submarines that will close the wellhead. This has been unsuccessful so far. They are also thinking of is to construct a dome that will contain the oil until it can be successfully pumped up to a new oil rig, which could take months to build.
This major oil spill has concerned me because many species of marine animals including fish, birds, dolphins and whales etc. are all being affected by this disaster. They will be breathing in oil-filled water into their lungs. This could cause disease, infections, and most likely death. We could be losing hundreds of species without even realizing it. More and more animals will be entering the endangered species list every day.
Several months ago, President Barack Obama announced that he would expand offshore drilling, but he is planning to postpone this due to the oil spill. “The oil that is still leaking from the well would seriously damage the economy and the environment of our Gulf States and it could extend for a long time. It could jeopardize the livelihoods of thousands of Americans who call this place home,” Obama proclaimed.
This dilemma has affected people, marine animals, and our environment. Oil is constantly pouring into the Gulf of Mexico and endangering the lives of many. Beach-goers could be swimming in the oil as is spreads throughout the Atlantic Ocean. We are trying to reduce the amount of oil, but so far, we haven’t been successful.

Discussion Questions:
1) How do you feel about this disaster?
2) Do you think there is anything else we could do to help?
3) Are you worried about any animal species that could become endangered?



Impacts of oil spill ~Abbie period 6

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A picture of people cleaning up oil in the ocean

In April, there was an explosion aboard the Deep Water Horizon about 40 miles off the Louisiana border.  Oil has been gushing into the Gulf of Mexico at about 5,000 barrels (210,000 gallons) a day.  This tragic accident has killed about 11 people.  The government was considering taking over the cleanup from BP because they felt they were missing deadlines and weren’t dealing with this in an urgent manner.  However, the government realized they didn’t have the knowledge or resources so BP will be continuing to lead the cleanup efforts.  The oil in the ocean and on the shore has had a negative impact on the wildlife in the ocean.  Therefore, this will also negatively affect the fishing industry.  Many people’s jobs will be in jeopardy.  The Gulf Coast has had many hardships in the last few years.  This is something that will take an extensive time to fix. 

            BP is trying another alternative to fix the leak.  The company’s next attempt is to pump thick fluid twice the density of water in the area of the leak to stop the flow so the well would be contained with cement.  This is known as the “top-kill” procedure.  The success rate is approximately 60 to 70 percent.   But as an EPA request, some people wanted to use a less toxic alternative.  The CEO of BP argued that all the procedures they try are within the guidelines of the EPA.  BP’s reputation is at risk.  However, they have dedicated a lot of money to research to test the environmental effects of the oil spill. 

I do not think the government should be responsible for the direct cleanup of the oil spill because they don’t have the expertise to do that.  However, they are going to need to provide support and money to address future environmental issues as a result of this.  I think it is BP’s responsibility to contain and fix the oil well and leak and to clean up the oil in the water and on the shores.  If the “top kill” procedure doesn’t work, BP will have to try another alternative and this means more oil in the waters and on shore. This tragedy will be far reaching and in fact, can potentially reach the Jersey Shore.  This can affect even more fish and rare aquatic species.  Overall, I think that the oil spill should be cleaned up fast and soon or else we are all in trouble.

-What do you think the long term affects will be on the oil spill?

– If this “top kill” procedure doesn’t work, what do you think BP’s next option will be?

-Do you think this oil spill has increased the awareness of Americans about oil (which we take for granted) and how harmful it can be if something goes wrong?

The Bands Are Banned by Matthew Garber period 6

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   Hello this is Matthew with a new special report and yes this will be my last broadcast.   what will talk about today, will it be the oil spill, no will be talking about something so seirous it ended up in Time For Kids.  The animal silly bands are now band from schools nation wide.  This article was writen by Bonnie Rochman.  What make them so fun? why were they banned?

          Silly bands were band from New York, Texas, Florida and Massachusetts.  Acorrding to teachers and i quote, “Its is distracting!”  Kids will play with them in class and not listen to the teacher.  They just love twisting it around in there hands and streaching it out.  Its is also cheap.  It is 5 dollars for a pack of 21 animal braclets so every one in school can afford them.  Karen white is the princible at a school in alabama and he was the first pricniceble to put a ban on them.  The people that make the silly band employes went from 20 to 200.  He is selling millions of packs a month.  condisering how cheap it is to make them he is probably earning about 4.50 a pack.  The president cant belive how popular they are.  However it is not the first fad that went around others were Cabbage Patch Kids, Beanie Babies, Pokémon cards and Crocs were just as popular so they knew how to handle this.

          This is not just a big suprise to schools but also his buisness.  His work fource more then doubled and he is making alot of money on a cheap item.  As he says its the right product at the right price.  He got inspried several years ago during a product show in chian.  Also along with money they must have become a celebraty becasue the company gets over 500 fan letters a week.  It even got to the point were a ten year old wrote in some ideas of how to get past restrictions glow in the dark and clear so teachers cant see.  Laslty a kid meven stole bands from a teachers desk and completely ignored the cash he could have stolen.

          I feel the reason the company is doing so well is because of the ban.  Teachers made it ovious you cant have those and alot of kids will have them just to make the teachers mad.  so the teachers is the reason the comany is doing so well they drew attantion to it.  My connection is are school banned them to and I have 3 packs of them.

Should teachers be allowed to just steal them and not give it back?

How long will it take before the company havs no more buissness?

Why do kids like them?

Oil Spill Gulf Of Mexico by Anthony Hughes

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Three companies have recently been involved in an oil spill. The drill they were using broke. The pipe that pulls the oil up broke and thousands of gallons of oil pored in to the gulf. A market man on the docks of the gulf sells fish and shrimp. He says that he might have to close his shop because the oil poisoned all of the fish and shrimp. Birds and other animals that eat the fish are dying too. The oil is killing many animals and Barack Obama was very angry. He says “To see three companies falling all over eachother to point the finger at someone else is a disgraceable sight. I did not like it and i am sure that no one else did either.” Obama was going to do more oil drilling near the atlantic coast. But many people are worried if this happens there it might be the end of many animals for good. Plus there are more people who live in the coast then in the gulf of mexico. All of this over the object know as the “Black Gold”.